15 September 2011

you tore my tears away and fed them to the dogs

I have not posted in so long.
I've been neglecting this blog so much.

Well, I guess it's better late than never.

Life updates:

I've been taking to exS lately. I think I'm falling for him again, who knows.
I've moved to London officially. I start university on Monday.
I ate chicken today, I feel disgusting. Not happening again.
I have realized why I hate my hometown so much. Everyone is just so freaking fake. Except for Jde and Wbs. I love them to death.
'BF' S sometimes makes me hate myself, she just gives off that feeling.

I don't know, what else.

I'm in that depressive phase again. Where I just want to be alone and talk to no one and just focus on other things rather than pleasing people.

It gets tiring.

A more meaningful post shall soon come.

Sara xoxo


you are beautiful.
just thought i should let you know ♥