19 September 2011

i am human & i need to be loved

Moving into my new place tomorrow as well as attending my first day of school, I'm veryveryvery excited! :)

I've only been in London for two days now and I already feel my self in loss of contact with home. It's not really bothering me, but the fact that I notice it bothers me. Ha.

First night in London went out with a couple of friends. Got high+drunk. Fun times ;) Afterwards we got ourselves invited to LFW after Party, which was really fun and got to meet a ton of interesting people. The Fashion world is crazy, let me tell ya.

But yeah, other than that nothing else has been really on my mind lately. I'm just currently cruising my way through. I hope my first year of uni will be eventful...in a good way.

Sara xo

PS: I just re-read my last post. Jesus I'm fucking bipolar.

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  1. I love that song :)

    Welcome to London!! I love living here - I bet you will too! I wish I'd have gone to uni here :)


you are beautiful.
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