23 September 2011

now all your love is wasted

First day of uni was alright. Expected something different.
Turns out I didn't get into the class that I wanted because I arrived too late, but whatever. I shall get my spot soon.

Lately I feel like I haven't been myself. I don't even know what myself is. I'm totally at a loss here.
But yeah, as I said before... I feel like I'm just cruising through whatever right now. Maybe my period's coming soon? Whatever. I'm in a time of my life where I'm trying to find myself.

I've also been very nostalgic lately. That's not really good in my case as my past kind of sucks.

Sara xo

P.S. I love the Bon Iver version, but she does a wonderful job. And no, the song isn't about being skinny as many have failed to understand. Just listen.

I deleted all my old posts and kept the most recent. 

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