23 September 2011

now all your love is wasted

First day of uni was alright. Expected something different.
Turns out I didn't get into the class that I wanted because I arrived too late, but whatever. I shall get my spot soon.

Lately I feel like I haven't been myself. I don't even know what myself is. I'm totally at a loss here.
But yeah, as I said before... I feel like I'm just cruising through whatever right now. Maybe my period's coming soon? Whatever. I'm in a time of my life where I'm trying to find myself.

I've also been very nostalgic lately. That's not really good in my case as my past kind of sucks.

Sara xo

P.S. I love the Bon Iver version, but she does a wonderful job. And no, the song isn't about being skinny as many have failed to understand. Just listen.

I deleted all my old posts and kept the most recent. 

20 September 2011

gotta let go

I woke up just a tad too early, school is only a 10 minute walk and I'm about an hour early. That's a good thing I guess :) Maybe next time I'll take the extra time to exercise or something.

I was having so much trouble figuring out what to wear! I'm going to an art school so obviously ~ what you wear it kind of important. Well, I want to make a good impression ha. Putting a little extra effort into how you look isn't always bad.

I'm so nervous for today I can't believe I'm finally starting Uni, it's quite frightening. No more high school or regular faces or the same routine everyday. University is different, it's unpredictable, it's awesome.

I'll definitely post later on what I did today/who I met/blahblahblabha.

First day of school outfit. Ha! My hand!

Sara xo

19 September 2011

i am human & i need to be loved

Moving into my new place tomorrow as well as attending my first day of school, I'm veryveryvery excited! :)

I've only been in London for two days now and I already feel my self in loss of contact with home. It's not really bothering me, but the fact that I notice it bothers me. Ha.

First night in London went out with a couple of friends. Got high+drunk. Fun times ;) Afterwards we got ourselves invited to LFW after Party, which was really fun and got to meet a ton of interesting people. The Fashion world is crazy, let me tell ya.

But yeah, other than that nothing else has been really on my mind lately. I'm just currently cruising my way through. I hope my first year of uni will be eventful...in a good way.

Sara xo

PS: I just re-read my last post. Jesus I'm fucking bipolar.

15 September 2011

you tore my tears away and fed them to the dogs

I have not posted in so long.
I've been neglecting this blog so much.

Well, I guess it's better late than never.

Life updates:

I've been taking to exS lately. I think I'm falling for him again, who knows.
I've moved to London officially. I start university on Monday.
I ate chicken today, I feel disgusting. Not happening again.
I have realized why I hate my hometown so much. Everyone is just so freaking fake. Except for Jde and Wbs. I love them to death.
'BF' S sometimes makes me hate myself, she just gives off that feeling.

I don't know, what else.

I'm in that depressive phase again. Where I just want to be alone and talk to no one and just focus on other things rather than pleasing people.

It gets tiring.

A more meaningful post shall soon come.

Sara xoxo