20 September 2011

gotta let go

I woke up just a tad too early, school is only a 10 minute walk and I'm about an hour early. That's a good thing I guess :) Maybe next time I'll take the extra time to exercise or something.

I was having so much trouble figuring out what to wear! I'm going to an art school so obviously ~ what you wear it kind of important. Well, I want to make a good impression ha. Putting a little extra effort into how you look isn't always bad.

I'm so nervous for today I can't believe I'm finally starting Uni, it's quite frightening. No more high school or regular faces or the same routine everyday. University is different, it's unpredictable, it's awesome.

I'll definitely post later on what I did today/who I met/blahblahblabha.

First day of school outfit. Ha! My hand!

Sara xo


  1. your outfit looks amazing!!! super cute. if i saw u at school dressed like that, id assume u were a model

  2. Your outfit is way better than my first day one was haha.

    Have a good day. :) xo

  3. you look trendy. haha. what arts school are you going to? <3 stay lovely.

  4. My gosh you're beautiful.
    I don't even need to see the whole of your face to realise that ;)



you are beautiful.
just thought i should let you know ♥