11 October 2011

don't ever look back.

Autumn's here. I finally get to cuddle up in my favorite sweaters and scarves. No more sweat and long days. Here's to the cool chilly nights and vibrant lights.

The cold weather has always been a favorite. I understand why people love summer and blahblahblah but I feel like winter is a magical thing and the simplest things make you happy like coming into your warm room after coming from outside and then you have that little giddy feeling. Listening to soft Bon Iver music in the background while sipping on hot tea and reading through a book you've been meaning to get to. I'm such a nut for these things, but I love it, I really do.

I just feel like it'd be better if I had a nice warm boy to come home to instead.
I'm trying really hard to not look back to my past. 

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