09 April 2011


For someone who likes tattoos, the most precious thing is bare skin.
- Cher

I would LOVE to get inked. I have different ideas in mind. Firstly, getting it all perfect so that when I do get tattooed, it will be perfect and I will be able to forever look upon the picture that has meaning and feel that I am TRULY connected with it. I think tattoos are so beautiful, they way each image comes with a story full of emotions and memories.

That's going to be the first thing I'm going to do when I hit 18. I don't know, these type of things have been on my mind lately. I just absolutely can not wait for a new life.

What are your opinions on tattoos? If you'd like to get one, what would they be? & if you already have some, what are they and what's the story behind it?



  1. love them. just make sure its something you really want and something that means something to you. i have 2 (so far) the first is a reminder... it says breathe and goes down my forearm. its for when im dancing and just in general in life. it also overlaps a bit with the scars on my wrist as a reminder that when i feel i need to cut to take a step back and just breathe instead.
    my second is on/under my boob. it has 2 overlapping hearts (pink and re) and says you can be loved... its based off of my favorite poem (that is actually a post by jen lemen) that i typed up and made pretty. I read the 'poem' everyday. step 1: get the tattoo. step 2: believe it. and its in a pretty intimate place so not everyone if gonna see it, only people who actually mean something to me <3


  2. i love tattoos as well, are you going to design one yourself? you should post the designs, i'd be interested to see them.
    i have three. a ying yang on my back which i got on my seventeeth birthday; something i should have thought more about beforehand, i don't like it's positioning anymore, but oh well. a cherry blossom on my right foot which i love, my intentions for it were to remind me that life is short, like the life of a cherry blossom, but i don't live by it as much as i should. and black birds in flight across my left shoulder, just because i liked it and i wanted something to remember my time spent travelling.

  3. I'm getting a goddess symbol on the back of m neck. Black, just a basic shape with the hands going up into my hairline. It's supposed to symbolize my inner strength/intellectual power/changing my life. sending you skinnies

  4. I absolutely love tattoos. I planned to get one as soon as I hit 18, but didn't have the funds when I did. I'm almost 19 and still inkless. :(
    I want to get a lily to represent my friend Lily who was killed, a dandelion blowing away, a guitar to remember my dad who died in November, and black birds flying.

  5. i want one on my foot that says "made in russia" in russian, and then i want one on the back of my neck, and one on my wrist, maybe the small of my back too... but i havent decided yet. 1.5 more years! haha. <3 stay lovely.

  6. At this point in time, I have four tattoos, with many ideas and visions of more in the near and far future. Two are quotes, for motivation, with one coming out of a bird's mouth. These two are on my forearms, a bit masculine for a girl, but I like them. Eventually, I'd like to get partial to full sleeves. I have a peace sign over my heart, my first tattoo, that I got with my best friend when we were 18. I also have an infinity symbol I designed representing eternal/internal balance on my back.

    They're addictive, haha, watch out! :)

  7. I've been thinking a lot about getting a tattoo lately, mainly because I have a few friends with great ones that I admire. The hard part, for me, is that eventually I won't be young with nice smooth skin anymore (which is why I'd probably tattoo the inside of my wrist anyhow) and I think it' s hard to pick out something so permanent. I think you're brave for planning to do it!

  8. As soon as I lose at least 70lbs, I'm going to so get inked.

    What I want is a lotus flower with three koi fish surrounding it t symbolize my family. And in-between my shoulder blades I want a portrait of my godmother.

    I also want a couple small ones behind each of my ears.


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